Inhouse ConsultantDr. G.D. Karthikeyan

Consultant pediatrician
Inhouse Consultant

Dr. G.D. Karthikeyan MBBS, DCH, MNMAS, Neonatal fellow, PGPN

Qualification: MBBS, DCH, MNMAS, Neonatal fellow, PGPN
Designation: Consultant pediatrician
Department: Pediatrics



Peritoneal dialysis in neonate – An experience in 1999.
Inborn errors of metabolism – over view and update in 1999.
Renal stone disease in children – A retrospective study in 1998.
Cardiac evaluation and thee outcome in infants of gestational diabetic mothers – An experience of tertiary referral ICU unit in 1999.


Well known speaker in breast feeding awareness, immunization dialogues, adolescent care, neonatal resuscitation, neonatal imaging.

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