Most of us often ignore our well-being in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We take our well-being for granted, that is, until we fall sick. Following an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyles and irregular sleep schedules affect our well-being in the long run.

Undergoing regular health check-ups and screenings at advanced cancer treatment centres in Coimbatore is a proactive measure that allows us to sustain good health, by detecting potential health risks in advance and getting medical treatment to prevent complications.

Who should undergo regular health check-ups or cancer screenings?

It’s best for men and women of all age groups to undergo periodic health check-ups or periodic cancer screenings. Since they are vulnerable to various lifestyle diseases due to unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, irregular work and sleep schedules and constant stress.

The frequency of undergoing regular health check-ups and cancer screenings may depend on their age, gender and personal medical history. It’s vital for children to visit their paediatrician and undergo regular health check-ups to monitor their growth and development and for older adults to monitor and prevent chronic conditions.

Why do we need to undergo regular health check-ups?

Periodic health check-ups help determine early warning signs of onset of diseases, improving treatment outcomes. It’s always best to have a routine examination with healthcare experts at any of the cancer treatment hospitals in Tamil Nadu even if you feel that they are healthy. They allow you to understand the impact of your lifestyle choices and make you adopt better lifestyle habits.

Listed here are five reasons why you need to undergo periodic health check-ups and cancer screenings:

1) Stay updated on your health : Amidst our busy schedules, we often do not find time to take care of our well-being. Due to a lack of awareness, we go through our daily routines without noticing the warning signs our body sends out. When we ignore these warning signs our condition advances, affecting the quality of our overall lifestyle.

Thangam Cancer Centre offers comprehensive health check-up packages which enable our experienced doctors to detect the symptoms early and provide the necessary treatment or guide you on preventive measures that need to be followed to address your symptoms and health condition.

Regular visits to our advanced cancer treatment centre allow you to build a good rapport with our doctors. This also enables you to discuss sensitive health issues and get the necessary guidance and personalized care to improve your well-being.

2) Know if you are at risk of chronic diseases : Do you know that regular health check-ups can allow you to learn about pre-existing health issues, genetic disorders or hereditary health conditions that you might be unaware of?

Certain conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and some cancers can be inherited. Our doctors prescribe blood tests and imaging tests to detect these conditions during the early phase.

Based on the test outcome our doctors guide you in making the necessary lifestyle changes like following a proper and nutritious diet, physical activity, weight management, stress management, proper sleep, etc., to control your chronic condition. They will also prescribe relevant medication and medical therapies depending on your healthcare needs and ensure you stay away from complications.

3) Control chronic health conditions: Do you know that stress, high blood pressure and cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases if left untreated at the early stages?

Regular health check-ups for blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and other health parameters, need to be done if you are over 45 or earlier if you have a family history.

Based on the test results our doctors guide you by providing precise solutions, which include lifestyle changes, medication and therapies. This allows you to control your health and improve your well-being.

4) Develop a strong immune system: Getting a regular health check-up creates awareness of your health, enabling you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and follow a good diet and fitness routine. You also learn the need for proper sleep and quit unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking or alcohol.

As you change your approach towards health and adhere to healthy lifestyle habits; it helps strengthen your immune system, protecting you from infections. Thereby building your resistance to illnesses and improving your quality of life.

5) Allows you to save on medical expenses: Many individuals are apprehensive about undergoing regular health check-ups as they feel it might be beyond their budget. But they help you save up on costly treatments and surgeries that you might have to endure when you get to know about your health at the later stages. While the cost of undergoing treatments at the initial stages can be far less.

Preventive measures taken on time help minimize the risks of complications, expensive medications and treatments in the future.

What are some vital regular health check-ups?

Some routine health check-ups that healthcare providers at advanced cancer treatment centres suggest getting done annually are routine physical examinations, blood sugar tests, cholesterol tests, blood pressure, skin tests, bone density, dental exams, mammograms, cancer screening, etc.

It’s crucial for individuals who do not prioritize their health to make necessary lifestyle changes and enhance their well-being. Regular health check-ups help you gain awareness about your health, take necessary precautions and sustain an active and fulfilling life over the years.