Laboratory services play a crucial role in the disease diagnosis and treatment plan for cancer patients. As science evolves laboratory services has to be updated every year to meet the standard of care.

We at Thangam hospital strive to keep updated and upgrade our equipments to meet the current standards of good laboratory services.

Our laboratory is equipped with high end technology such as intraoperative cryostat, automated tissue processors, Tissue embedding, cutting microtome , immunoassays and automated Immunohistochemistry for solid tumors.

For blood cancers our flow cytometry lab is equipped with 3 laser 13 colour flow cytometry which is only available in select institutes across the country.

We also have a cryostorage lab for stem cells storage.

For cancer screening we provide a comprehensive health checkup services at an affordable cost.

We make it a priority to reduce all possible human errors to give most precise and accurate report.